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About this site is a personal development site. You maybe came to this site looking for 2 terms. Here they are:

This site is about Linux. I have some custom rpm builds for RedHat or Centos Linux distributions. The customs rpm for the this programs are available in the rpm link above:

kernel with ata via path, poppassd, vacation, uw-imapproxy

They all are open source programs. I have only edited the .spec file, patched, compiled and tested them.

Samira in the middle east is a common name. I don't know what it means there, but searching the internet I got this answers:

"it is common female name , and it means a good partner"

"It means woman companion. A female partner for conversation. It is a common female name in the middle east"

"An entertaining female companion; A medicinal plant; a woman with wheat/tawny color skin tone"

For this kind of info, this site does not provides any help. But thanks for visiting! :)



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